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Limited time only, sale ends May 30th | Use Passes anytime

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  • Family Fun Punch Pass: Get 10 passes at a significant discount, offering great value for multiple visits or group outings.

  • Inclusion for Friends: Passes can be used for friends too, making it a perfect option for group fun and social outings.

  • Food and Beverage Package: Each punch pass includes a food and beverage package to keep the energy up and ensure a full-day enjoyable experience.

  • $50 Off Any Party Package: Significant savings on any party package, making it easier to host memorable events like birthdays with less financial strain.

  • Flexibility in Use: The passes can be used anytime, providing flexibility for families to plan their visits according to their convenience.

  • Enhanced Spring Break Experience: Special activities and challenges designed for Spring Break to ensure an unforgettable experience for kids.

  • Hassle-Free Celebration Planning: Offers an easy and stress-free way to plan and host birthday parties or celebrations, with KTR handling the details.

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